What's New

"D-sub Series" IEC60601-1: 2012 Compatible Pin Contact

JAE has expanded our D-sub Series lineup by introducing an anti-shock D-sub specifically to be used for medical devices, such as electrocardiography. In an electrocardiography machine, connectors are used to connect the main unit of the device to the lines lead to the patient. To prevent electric shock to patients, a new code, IEC60601-1: 2012 (, has been implemented for medical devices as a safety standard.

What's New

"ST50 Series" UHS-II Compatible microSDTM Card Connector

JAE has developed the "ST50 Series" UHS-II compatible push-push type microSD card connector for compact devices that require removable storage medium such as smartphones, cameras, tablets and notebook PCs. MicroSD cards are widely used as an external storage medium for compact devices to allow storage of large images and 4K video files, and also to install and run apps (applications) on smartphones.

What's New

"DX07 Series" USB Type-CTM Certified Cable Harness

The DX07 cable harness is compliant with the USB Type-C and USB PD 3.0 specifications and supports up to 10Gbps USB SuperSpeed Plus communication and 5A max. power supply as well as USB PD 3.0 features such as EMIC low-voltage drive (3V). USB 3.1 Gen1 / Gen 2 and USB Power Delivery Revision 3.0 (hereinafter as USB PD 3.0) certified cable harnesses with a USB Type-C connector on both ends.

What's New

"JN14 Series" Low-profile Waterproof Connector for Compact Servomotors

JAE has developed the "JN14 Series" low-profile connector ideal for metal box casing type compact servomotors. This all-plastic connector provides a lightweight and low-cost solution. Catering to industry requirements, the "JN14 Series" utilizes a screw lock and low-profile mounting method, offering a highly secure IP67 waterproof connection. The connector was also designed to be easily mounted to the metal box casing of a servomotor. The "JN14 Series" line-up includes a 4-position connector for power, 2-position connector for brakes, and 9-positon connector for encoders.

What's New

"KW02 Series" CHAdeMO-compliant V2H System Connector

JAE has developed the "KW02 Series" CHAdeMO protocol compliant V2H (Vehicle to Home) system connector, which is highly durable, lightweight and provides superior operability. Recently the use of V2H system has begun; a system where utilizing the large-capacity of electric vehicles as renewable energy storage batteries to level energy demand into homes and office buildings. CHAdeMO is a brand name of the fast charger protocol proposed as a standard specification by the CHAdeMO Association.

What's New

"SF78 Series" Dual nano SIM Card Connector

The SF78 Series is a slim and compact dual nano SIM card connector that can install two nano SIM cards in one connector, and contributes to space saving for the mobile device design.It features a mechanical lock structure that holds the SIM card tray in place without falling out in case the device is dropped. The SF78 series also has a structure that prevents SIM card tray mis-insertion and contact breakage during SIM card tray insertion and removal which helps to realize improved ease-of-use for the mobile device users.

What's New

"WP27D Series" Board-to-board Connector with Power Terminals

JAE has developed a 0.35mm pitch, 1.9mm width, 0.7mm mating height stacking type board-to-board connector, the "WP27D Series." It incorporates power supply terminals and a robust structure that prevents damage during engagement. The WP27D Series special hold-downs can be used as high-current power supply terminals and adopts a structure that prevents insulator breakage by adding protection to the mating surface with these metal hold-downs. Accordingly, improvement of durability against damage during mating is achieved.

What's New

"DW-07 Series" High-current Busbar Connector

JAE has developed and started general sales of the DW07 Series connector, which was designed for busbar connection of devices requiring high-current power lines. This innovative docking style busbar connector was designed to improve commonly sought after space saving and operation time issues. This connector solution allows for internalizing high-density wires within devices, and reduce operation space and hours spent fastening down bolts by making tool-less connection possible. The DW07 Series is an ideal high-current connector.

What's New

"DX-07 Series" Type C Connector Expanded

JAE has developed and launched 3 new types of receptacle connectors to add to the "DX07 Series" connector line-up, which is compatible with the next-generation USB Type-C specification. The USB Type-C connectors are expected to become widely used as a next-generation interface for smartphones, tablets, notebook PCs, televisions, gaming devices, and more with features such as compatibility with 10 Gbps high-speed communication, maximum of 5A and 20V power supply and reversible plug structure with no need to worry about the plug orientation.

What's New

"KN-01 Series" Waterproof Rectangular Connector

The KN01 Series waterproof connector is ideal for industrial equipment, such as robotics, automated machinery and machine tools, which require environmental resilience. In addition to the use of conventional large fixed machinery, use of compact lightweight production machinery that can easily correspond to system and layout changes based on the production situation is a growing trend. The KN01 Series is compact and lightweight with improved engagement operability, less wiring, and countermeasures against noise.

What's New

"WP-10 Series" High Current Compatible Connector

Industry's smallest-in-class high-current compatible board-to-board connector WP10 Series has been added to JAE's lineup. For compact hand-held devices such as smartphones, wearable devices and tablet PCs, the needs for larger battery capacity and faster charging are becoming prominent, and high current compatible internal connectors are required to connect the battery and the power supply circuit. In addition, in order to closely control and monitor the battery, there are growing needs for low current signal terminals in the same connector.

What's New

"FO-BD6 Series" Outdoor Compact Optical Interface

JAE has developed a new FO-BD6 Series outdoor compact optical interface connector. This connector features a three-axis floating structure that enables connection in just a single action with SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) modules which are on mobile phone base stations. The FO-BD6 Series is a compact, waterproof, lightweight connector that allows for a reduction in size and weight of various outdoor-installed equipment, and improves connection operability in the field. The three-axis floating structure supporting SFP can engage in a single action.

What's New

"RP04 Series" Hybrid AOC (Active Optical Cable)

JAE has developed and launched the AOC (Active Optical Cable) "RP04 Series", which has an electrical connector interface, but converts electrical signals to optical inside the plug and transmits data through the cable using optical fiber. Conventional electrical copper harnesses have limitations in transmission speed and transmission distance, and optical harnesses have the need for dust prevention and precise mating during operation. JAE has developed and launched the RP04 Series, blending the easy handling of an electrical connection with the high-speed, long distance and noise resistance capability of an optical transmission.

What's New

"KX14/15 Series" SMT Board-to-Board Connectors

JAE has added a new variation to the KX14 / 15 Series 0.8mm pitch board-to-board internal connectors which are ideal for a wide variety of applications ranging from consumer devices to industrial equipment. The spacing range has been increased from 4mm~9mm (in 1mm increments) to a range of 4mm~12mm. The variations are now standard products available in pin counts from 20 to 80 pins, in 10 pin increments. With this addition, the KX14 / 15 Series connectors offer even greater flexibility to customers as they design their products and consider their board-to-board spacing requirements.

What's New

"HB-01 Series" Waterproof Cable-to-Cable Connector

JAE has recently developed the HB01 Series, a waterproof cable-to-cable connector ideally suited for the industrial machinery market. As robots and other industrial machinery are becoming increasingly compact, multi-axis, and multi-functional, the installation space for devices such as servo motors is decreasing. This has created a demand for compact, low-profile connectors that have waterproof performance as well as compatibility with applications where board mounting is not possible. The HB01 Series connector features a mechanical lock which withstands vibration and pulling, and also saves space by utilizing a hybrid structure that allows for wiring of both power and signal lines in one connector.

What's New

"FI-X Series" New 1.0mm pitch, for interface of LCD Connector

JAE has developed the new FI-X Series 1.0mm pitch for interface of LCD. Features include Board-to-Cable for high density packaging, low-profile SMT type receptacle 1.0mm high on board. (sunk-into-the-board, board face mounting), excellent EMI shielding (with metallic shell), polarization for preventing erroneous mating, friction lock type. (20, 30pos.) and Mechanical lock type equipped to lock-lever on cable side plug. The mating guide prevents misalignment when connecting. It is easy to connect even when it is difficult to check visually.

What's New

"TX24A / 25A Series" New 1.27mm Pitch High-speed Transmission Board-to-Board Connector

JAE has developed the new TX24A / 25A Series, a higher-speed version of the popular 1.27mm pitch TX24 / 25 Series board-to-board internal connector used in industrial equipment. The amount of the data processed in various office automation and communication equipment such as multi-function printers and routers is ever increasing, with internal signaling now supporting DisplayPort1, PCI Express2, and other high-speed transmission. The TX24A / 25A Series is ideal for high-speed transmission due to the improved electrical characteristics of the upper contacts.

What's New

"DF-02 Series" New Versions of Industrial I/O Connectors

JAE has increased the variety of available options for the DF02 Series family of connectors. The DF02 series is an interface connector that is compatible with the half-pitch (1.27mm) standard used in the industrial equipment market. The hood was developed with customer usability in mind. The hood design prevents breaking from over-tightened screws, ensure a ground connection between devices with an integrated ground bar, and offers exceptional workability and quality.