What's New

"ST12 Series" Push-push microSD™ Card Connector

JAE has developed and released the ST12 Series of push-push microSD card connectors, intended for compact ICT devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and portable gaming devices.

What's New

"JB12 Series" Compact Waterproof Ethernet Connectors for Industrial Use

JAE has developed and released the JB12 Series, M12-style X-code and D-code, which are compliant with IEC standards and ideal for use in a wide variety of connections within industrial applications.

What's New

"Automotive ICT connectors" compatible with automotive application specifications

Sequential release of automotive ICT connectors compatible with automotive application specifications.

What's New

"DW11 Series" Compact Power Floating Board-to-board Connector

This product supports power supply with a rated current of 20A DC and voltage of 250V DC, while capable of floating ±0.8 mm in the X and Y directions by incorporating JAE’s unique contact structure.

What's New

"KW07C Series" CHAdeMO Standard EV Charging Connector with Improved Handling

JAE developed and launched the KW07C Series EV charging connector, which comes with superior ease of handling while accommodating a capacity for 200 A of current, which is in demand among quick charging equipment within Japan.

What's New

"WP86SD Series" Board-to-board (FPC) Connector with 8A Power Supply Terminals and Staggered 0.25 mm Contact Pitch

JAE has developed and released the WP86SD Series, the industry’s first(*) compact stacking type board-to-board (FPC) connector equipped with an 8A power supply terminal for compact devices such as smartphones, wearable equipment, and ICT devices.

What's New

"MX81 Series" Compact Automotive Applications Connectors

JAE has developed the MX81 Series of connectors, which use standard automotive terminal designs (terminal tab size of 0.64 mm and contact pitch of 2.54 mm), but are more compact, at approximately 60% of the size of existing JAE products.

What's New

"FO-BD7D Series" Weather-resistant Optical Connectors

JAE has released the FO-BD7D Series waterproof optical connectors, which are compatible with on-site harness assembly and have outstanding heat dissipation properties. They are intended for equipment installed outdoors, such as base stations and other equipment.

What's New

"MA07 Series" In-vehicle USB 3.2 and DisplayPort 1.4 Compatible Board-to-Cable Connectors

JAE has developed and released the MA07 Series of high-speed connectors and harnesses compatible with USB 3.2 and DisplayPort 1.4 transmission, enabling next generation in-vehicle applications.

What's New

"KW11 Series" CCS Type-1 fast charging standard compliant connectors for EV charging

From a safety perspective, the KW11 Series connectors have acquired UL*3 recognition. The latch used to keep the connector engaged with the inlet on the EV side, is reinforced with a metal core to prevent damage to the latch, which is a common failure point in the field. The connector body has a double insulation structure that provides waterproof protection of live components within the connector, so that even if there is ingress of water due to damage to the exterior, short circuits are prevented.

What's New

"WP55DK Series" Board-to-board (FPC) Connector

JWP55DK Series FPC Connector with Small 0.5mm Height and 0.3mm Pitch Has Been Launched. Compared to the WP27D and WP26DK, this product offers a 27% reduction in mounting space, making it suitable for use in small wearable devices such as smartwatches that use even smaller circuit boards than smartphones.

What's New

"New Variation: JL10/W Series" Outdoor Environmentally Resistant Circular Connector

JAE has released additional variations to the JL10/W Series outdoor environmentally resistant circular connector for equipment installed outdoors, such as base stations. They are equipped with high mating and unmating capabilities and are IP67 rated water and dustproof, and use weather resistant resin for high environmental durability.

What's New

"New Variation of MA01 Series" 8Gbps+ Floating Board-to-Board Connectors with Expanded Floating Tolerance

The MA01 Series floating board-board connectors are ideal for the automotive and industrial markets, where higher performance has prompted a continuous increase in information processing speeds. The MA01 Series features both high-speed transmission that exceeds 8Gbps, and high contact reliability through a unique two-point contact structure.

What's New

"DX07 Series" USB Type-C® Plug Connector Compatible with USB4®

The DX07 Series USB Type-C plug connector is compatible with the latest USB4 Version 2.0 and features high-speed transmission that is double that of the previous version, with a transmission speed of up to 80Gbps. Additionally, it is compliant with USB PD EPR specifications for a maximum power delivery of 240W.

What's New

"JN13 Series" All-Plastic and Low-Profile Waterproof Industrial Connector

The JN13 Series has reduced the number of connectors and cables by combining 3-position for power, 1-position for ground, and 2-position for brakes, 6 positions in total into a single connector package. It can be safely used as a hybrid connector to combine the power line and signal line for the brakes using an enhanced insulation design.

What's New

"Expansion of KW1C Series" CHAdeMO-Compliant EV Charging and Discharging Connectors

JAE has commercialized the compact and lightweight KW1C Series cable harnessed connectors, that enable EV fast charging with 150A maximum output. In addition to the KW1C Series CE-certified product (*2), currently being sold for the European market, the new KW1C UL recognized and JCS standard-compliant product (*3) was developed for the North American and Japanese markets to expand the lineup.

What's New

"DX07 Series" USB Type-C® Certified USB4® EPR Harness

This product acquired certification as a USB4 EPR harness that enables 40Gbps high-speed transmission and a 240W power supply. USB4, the latest USB standard, is capable of double the transmission speed of USB 3.2, and it is starting to be installed on devices that require transfer of large volumes of data and high-speed transmission. EPR raises maximum power delivery capability to 48V/5A (240W). It is expected to be used for power delivery and charging applications for gaming PCs, 4K monitors, and other devices that require large amounts of power.

What's New

"KW02C Series" More Variations Available

JAE has added a product lineup to the KW02C Series, CHAdeMO (*1) specification-compliant EV charging and discharging connectors, which features improved waterproof performance and easier handling. As the global trend toward decarbonization accelerates, the electrification of entire mobility systems, including passenger vehicles, is advancing and the EV charging infrastructure is expected to further expand into the future. EVs are also anticipated to function as backup power storage sources.

What's New

"MX74 Series" Automotive Ethernet IEEE 100BASE-T1 Connector

JAE has developed and launched the MX74 Series, an Automotive Ethernet standard IEEE 100BASE-T1 compatible connector featuring excellent quality and high-speed performance. In recent years, there has been an increase in high performance in-vehicle components such as cameras and sensors. As a result, in-vehicle networks must transmit large amounts of data at high speeds, and Ethernet is increasingly being adopted for the communication between electronic control units (ECUs) or with other end-point devices.

What's New

"SG50 Series" UHS-I/UHS-II SD Card Connectors for Industrial Applications

JAE has launched the SG50 Series of push-push full-size SD card connectors compatible with ultra high-speed data transfer standards UHS-I and UHS-II. These connectors are environmentally resistant and are ideal for use in industrial equipment such as robots and machine tools. These connectors have two points of contact per terminal* to improve resistance to foreign contaminants as well as high vibration and severe impacts. The SG50 Series is ideal for industrial equipment and other applications that require particularly high contact reliability and long service life.

What's New

"AX01 and MA01 Series" Floating Board-to-Board Connector Has Added New Pin Counts and Height Variations

JAE has released additional pin count and stacking height variations to the AX01 Series and MA01 Series of floating board-to-board connectors. Now available in 8 different pin counts (30-140 contacts) and 11 stacking heights (8-30 mm), each series offers a large line-up for industrial and automotive applications. In 2019, we launched the AX01 Series floating type board-to-board connector, with a two-point contact structure, to support automated assembly and high-speed transmission (8Gbps+). In 2021 we launched the MA01 Series connectors with automotive applications in mind.

What's New

"WP16RS Series" High-frequency, fully-shielded board-to-board (board-to-FPC) connectors

JAE has launched the WP16RS Series of high-frequency, fully-shielded board-to-board (board-to-FPC) connectors that are ideal for connecting 5G millimeter-wave antenna modules (AiP: Antenna in Package) in smartphones and other small mobile devices. The WP16RS Series, high-frequency compatible, fully-shielded, board-to-board (FPC) RF connector that can be used for signal transmission between the AiP and main board. The metal shell significantly suppresses radiated noise, which is a problem with high-frequency transmission inside of compact devices.

What's New

"RP07 Series" Hybrid AOC (Active Optical Cable)

JAE has developed the RP07 Series of hybrid AOCs that enable high-speed transmission and power supply in a single cable. This product combines both optical fibers and copper wires in a single hybrid cable. Utilizing the advantages of both cables enables higher degree of freedom in transmission design. This makes it possible to support camera applications requiring power supply and control equipment applications requiring half-duplex communication. The RP07 Series has a proprietary optical modules with reduced size, and a USB Type-C connector interface.

What's New

"AN01 Series" Performance Antenna Compatible with 6th Generation Wireless

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd (JAE) announced today the launch of the AN01ML27C00, a new variation of the compact and high-performance antenna AN01 series (*1), which is compatible with the 6th generation wireless LAN “Wi-Fi 6E.” Wi-Fi is widely used as wireless data communication in homes, enterprises, and public places, and is expected to achieve higher speeds and larger capacities to meet the increased traffic demand. The 6th generation wireless LAN “Wi-Fi 6E” supports an additional 1.2 GHz from 5.925 to 7.125 GHz.

What's New

"AN01 Series" High Performance Antenna

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd (JAE) announced today the launch of the AN010860C00, a new variation of the compact and high-performance antenna AN01 series (*1), which is compatible with European frequency bands used in IoT communications such as low power wide area (LPWA). By collecting and analyzing remote sensor information such as smart meter terminals and radio frequency identification (RFID) devices, IoT communication reduces labor, improves production efficiency, enables real-time monitoring, etc.

What's New

"MX72F Series" Straight Squib Automotive Airbag Connector

JAE has launched the MX72F Series, a squib connector for automotive airbags that complies with the European AK2 interface standard (*1) for squib connectors with ground terminals. With the recent evolution of automated driving technology, automobiles are required to have advanced safety performance. Airbags are designed to protect not only the head of passengers, but also the entire body. For example side impact, thorax, and knee airbags, as well as external pedestrian safety airbags. Further technological developments are forecasted in the future.

What's New

"KW1C and KW02C Series" Lightweight CHAdeMO compliant EV charging and discharging connectors

JAE has launched the KW1C Series and KW02C Series, compact, lightweight design CHAdeMO1 compliant EV charging and discharging connector with an extended current rating, to add to the lineup. We have released the KW1C Series and KW02C Series connectors with cables for EV charging stations and charging/discharging systems. These EV connectors are approximately 20% lighter than conventional products. The KW1C Series for quick chargers and V2X are based on the proven legacy KW1 Series design. By using resin materials for the outer shell they are lighter and more compact that contributes to greater ease of handling.

What's New

"JAE Sponsoring" July 16 Ohtani Bobblehead Giveaway

Tokyo – Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd. (JAE), announced today that its US subsidiary JAE Electronics, Inc. (JAE US), will sponsor the Ohtani Bobblehead giveaway on July 16th at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. JAE US, the North American Headquarters, is located in Irvine, California. As part of the sponsorship agreement, the first 14,000 fans in attendance on July 16, 2021 will receive a free Ohtani Bobblehead featuring the JAE Logo.

What's New

"MA01 Series" Automotive Grade, 8Gbps Transmission Connector

JAE has launched the MA01 Series floating board-to-board connector, which provides high-speed transmission and ensures high-contact reliability with two-point contacts, ideal for automated driving and other advanced on-board ECUs. JAE has developed the MA01 Series, floating type board-to-board connectors, for automotive applications that require supporting high-speed transmission (8Gbps+) with two-points of contact while being able to support automated assembly. Variations will allow parallel mating of 14mm to 30mm stacking heights and two variations for vertical mating, offering 26 mating options in total.

What's New

"KN06 Series" Rectangular, Single-engagement, Modular Industrial Connector

JAE has launched the KN06 Series, a rectangular single-engagement lever locking modular connector. This connector series was developed primarily to be used for large-equipment, such as semiconductor-manufacturing equipment and industrial equipment requiring multi-pole wiring. This product is capable of housing up to six modular insulators and can mate up to 300 positions in one platform, which significantly reduces the number of connector mating operation during installation compared to conventional use of multiple connectors.

What's New

"JAE Sponsoring" April 16 Ohtani Bobblehead Giveaway

Tokyo – Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd. (JAE), announced today that its US subsidiary JAE Electronics, Inc. (JAE US), will sponsor the Ohtani Bobblehead giveaway on April 16th at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. JAE US, the North American Headquarters, is located in Irvine, California. As part of the sponsorship agreement, the first 14,000 fans in attendance on April 16, 2021 will receive a free Ohtani Bobblehead featuring the JAE Logo.

What's New

"JAE Sponsors Angels" Fourth Consecutive Season

JAE Sponsors the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball for the Fourth Consecutive Season. The 2021 Major League Baseball season is set to begin April 1st and JAE is excited to continue as a sponsor for the fourth consecutive season. We are proud to partner with the Los Angeles Angels, who possess many outstanding players, including two-way talent Shohei Ohtani. In accordance with California guidelines, stadium capacity for the Angels will be 20% on Opening Day and will gradually increase to 33% and 67% respectively.

What's New

"MX72C / D Series" Self-Rejecting Squib Connectors for the Automotive SRS

JAE announces the launch of the MX72C / D Series, a squib connector for automotive SRS devices with omitted shorting bar (shunt-less) that conforms to the interface standard ISO-19072-5 and USCAR 999-U-002-1-Z04. There is increased demand for SRS squib connectors without a shorting bar (shunt-less) and are generally referred to as the AK3 type. The receptacle retainer is without a shorting bar and the key shape is different from that of the AK2 standard connector.

What's New

"DX07 Series" USB4™ 40Gbps Certified Connector

JAE has launched its first USB Type-C® receptacle connector certified for use in next generation USB4 40Gbps devices. It is available as part of the DX07 Series that already features an expansive line-up of USB Type-C compatible receptacle and plug connectors, as well as cable harnesses. The new USB4 standard, released in September 2019, achieves data transmission speeds up to 40Gbps, twice as fast as the previous USB 3.2 standard.

What's New

"JL10 Series" One-touch Locking Waterproof Circular Connector

As a new variation of the JL10 Series, one-touch mating waterproof circular connectors, JAE has added an original contact arrangement type, which combine power supply and brake functions to improve efficiency and ease of design into servo motors for industrial robots and other applications.the wide variety of JL10 Series connectors have been adopted by various customers and applications to interface industrial equipment.

What's New

"AX01 Series" Added New Pin Counts and Height Variations

JAE has newly added pin count and stacking height variations to the floating board-to-board connector AX01 Series. This product has a floating structure of ±0.5 mm in both X & Y directions, which will absorb positional shifts and misalignments during mounting and assembly processes. Automated production lines using robots and automated machines are becoming increasingly popular to improve productivity and quality, as well to reduce requirement in manpower.

What's New

"MX77 Series" Compact, Low-profile Automotive ECU Connectors

The Line-up of the MX77 Series compact, low-profile automotive ECU connectors has been expanded. The new MX77D achieves a 30% lower profile than the conventional MX77 Series products, offering further connector miniaturization for the automotive and relative markets. The new MX77D cable-side socket connector offers a 30% lower profile than the current MX77A, included in the MX77 Series lineup of in-vehicle board-to-cable connectors.

What's New

"DC04 Series" Receptacle with Mounting Flange

JAE has developed a receptacle connector with a screw mounting flange to add to the existing DC04 Series which is a Category 3 Approved connector which enables HDMI 2.1 features. This flange type product is ideal for improving the mechanical strength of the connector as well as reducing EMI through additional grounding. Interface connectors compatible with higher video resolutions and faster refresh rates are being required in the audiovisual market.

What's New

"FO-BD7 Series" Outdoor Environmentally Resistant Optical Connector

JAE has launched an optical communication connector, FO-BD7 Series, for outdoor equipment, such as 5G base stations. The product incorporates an optical module in the plug connector and is capable of suppressing thermal influence. The optical module is incorporated into the plug connector, where the optical module is standardly installed inside the base station. With the optical module embedded into the plug connector the operation of replacing the optical module within a base station becomes that much simpler.

What's New

"Baseball is Back" JAE Sponsors Angels

The Los Angeles Angels are headed back to the field as JAE looks forward to another year as a sponsor! The 2020 season of Major League Baseball has finally begun! JAE is excited to continue as a sponsor of the Los Angeles Angels for the third consecutive season. We are proud to partner with the Los Angeles Angels, who possess many outstanding players, including two-way talent Shohei Ohtani.

What's New

"WP66DK Series" Smallest Board-to-board (FPC) Connector Yet

JAE has launched the WP66DK Series stacking type board-to-board (FPC) connectors that are ideal for use in wearable devices. It is an ultra-compact connector with power supply terminals, a 0.35mm terminal pitch, 1.6 mm width, and 0.6mm mated height. The WP66DK Series is a great addition to the existing lineup of 0.35mm pitch board-to-board (FPC) connectors, the WP27D and WP26DK Series. While the existing lineup is ideal for use in smartphones, the new WP66DK Series applies further size reduction of 0.3mm in both length and width.

What's New

"WP26DK Series" Board-to-board Connector with Power Supply Terminals

Robust stacking type board-to-board (FPC) connector, the WP26DK Series, with power supply terminals. Extremely compact connector with 0.35mm terminal pitch, 1.9 mm width, and 0.6mm mated height. Greatly improved strength and reliability by equipping hold-downs with protective metal fittings on the vulnerable internal surfaces of the insulator as well as the top mating surfaces. Good contact reliability against drop impacts and vibration with a proven two-point contact structure, and a clear click feeling to acknowledge complete mating.

What's New

"DZ02 Series" Plug Harness IEC61076-3-122 (TYPE-I) Connector

JAE has developed a plug harness addition to the existing DZ02 Series, a compact interface connector for safety equipment connection of industrial applications. DZ02 Series. This connector series will connect devices that control industrial apparatus (such as servo amplifiers and inverters) with safety equipment. This connector is compliant with IEC61076-3-122 (TYPE-I) product standard which is based on an international standard for functional safety. this cable harness allows the connection between a controller unit (servo amplifier) and safety equipment.

What's New

"RK01 Series" Smart Textile Connector

The popularity of wearable devices is expected to grow as new technological innovation allows for remote monitoring and diagnosis of an aging society with longer life expectancy. Smart clothing can collect more advanced information at a medical level, such as electrocardiography and whole-body motion, which is difficult to achieve with other devices such as smart watches. JAE has launched the RK01 Series home washable connectors that are ideal for smart textiles used for wearable clothing devices.

What's New

"FI-X Series" JAE Supports Manufacturing of Ventilators in US

As an essential business supporting the Critical Manufacturing Sector, JAE was requested to participate in the battle against the COVID-19 global pandemic. Specifically, GM was tasked to work with VENTEC LIFE SYSTEMS to manufacture ventilators. VENTEC is a Seattle based medical device manufacturer. JAE’s FI-X30HL is needed as a connection for the VENTEC ventilator’s LCD display. The FI-X product line is manufactured in the JAE Wuxi plant.

What's New

"MX80 Series" Compact Waterproof Automotive In-line Connectors

JAE is proud to announce the launch of a brand new set of connectors, the MX80 Series of compact waterproof in-line connectors for automotive applications. MX80 Series connectors support a variety of vehicle applications such as side view mirrors, actuating motor functions, indicator lights, blind spot monitors, etc. They are waterproof and possess a small-form factor for use in internal or external vehicle environments.

What's New

"DX07 Series" 16-Position USB Type-C™ Receptacles

JAE has developed and launched 16-position USB Type-C receptacles that have all contacts arranged into a single row of SMT terminals for easier PCB termination and routing compared to standard dual row receptacles. The USB Type-C interface is widely used as a standard interface for portable devices such as PCs, smartphones, and gaming machines. This new variation of a USB Type-C receptacle with only 16-positions eliminates the high-speed signaling pins (SuperSpeed pin) which are not required for USB 2.0 and power-supply only applications.

What's New

"KW04 Series" Type-2 CCS EV Fast Charging

JAE has developed and launched the KW04 Series EV charging connector compatible with the Type-2 CCS (Combined Charging System) electric vehicle fast charging standard. The more EV drivers on the road the quicker the lifecycle of the plugs / contacts will be reached. Usually, charging connectors that have reached their product life span have to be totally exchanged. The KW04 has been designed in a way that allows for replacement of the plug interface, thus reducing the time to replace both broken and lifecycle exhausted interfaces.

What's New

"DX07 Series" USB Type-C™ Receptacle with Longer Through-hole Legs

JAE has developed and launched an SMT on-board Type-C receptacle with longer shell hold-down legs making it compatible with board thicknesses between 1.0 mm to 1.6 mm. The USB Type-C interface is widely used as the standard interface for portable devices such as PCs, smartphones, gaming machines, and power banks (mobile batteries). Furthermore, consideration of their usage for stationary equipment such as POS (Point of Sales) Registers and MFPs (multifunction printers) is increasing.

What's New

"MX34Q Series" Through-hole Reflow Type Connector

Announcing the addition of a new ECU connector to the MX34 Series family of high-density automotive pin connectors. JAE is a supplier of through-hole type and SMT type .64mm cross sectional pin headers. The MX34Q clears challenges presented during the mounting process and adds to the overall degree of freedom when considered in system designs. This makes the MX34 series more flexible when acting as an interface for various in-vehicle devices such as body-chassis ECU’s, switches, and sensors.

What's New

"AX03 Series" Floating Board-to-board Connector for Horizontal Connection

JAE has launched AX03 Series, floating type board-to-board connectors for horizontal connection. The connector is ideal for internal connection of industrial equipment such as robots, automated machines, and machine tools. The AX03 Series offers low-profile and space saving solution through horizontal connection. At the same time, adopting a floating structure as the AX01 Series the connector has a floating structure of ±0.5 mm in X & Y directions, which can absorb positional shifts / misalignments during mounting and assembly.

What's New

"DX07 Series" Vertical Mount USB Type-C™ Connector

JAE has added a surface mount (SMT) vertical receptacle to the USB Type-C DX07 Series connector line-up. It will be made available to customers as part of the "DX07 Series" family of products, along with compatible plug connectors and cable harnesses. Along with the spread of the Type-C interface, their usage in a wider variety of applications is increasing including applications such as MFPs (multifunction printers), power banks (mobile batteries). These applications are better suited for vertical mount receptacle connectors.

What's New

"AX01 Series" Floating Board-to-board Connector with 8 Gbps Transmission

JAE has launched AX01 Series, high-speed floating type board-to-board connectors with high-reliability two-point contact. The connector is ideal for internal connection of industrial equipment such as robots, automated machines, and machine tools. This product has a floating structure of ±0.5 mm in the X & Y direction, which can absorb positional shifts & misalignments during mounting and assembly. The connector is suitable for robot assembly.

What's New

"SN01 Series" XFMEXPRESS™ Memory Device Connector

JAE is developing the SN01 Series connector for XFMEXPRESS memory devices. XFMEXPRESS is a removeable NVMe memory device technology developed by Toshiba Memory Corporation for PC’s, IoT devices and various other mobile applications. The SN01 Series connector is compatible with up to 4 lanes of PCIe® Gen 4 (16GT/s) high speed data, and uses a hinge type cover to securely hold the memory device while maintaining a compact size.

What's New

"MX72A/B Series" Self Rejecting AK2 Squib Connectors for Airbag Inflators

JAE has developed the AK2 standard compliant MX72A/B Series squib connectors with improved workability. The AK2 standard interface is now becoming a global standard for automotive airbags. In order to make the installation process faster and more reliable, JAE has developed the MX72A/B Series AK2 squib connectors which ensures a fully reliable connection in a single operation. The MX72A/B Series improves workability and reliability of the airbag system by preventing incomplete engagement.

What's New

"DC04 Series" HDMI 2.1 Specification Approved Connector

JAE has launched the DC04 Series which are approved Category 3, Type A connectors compatible with the latest HDMI 2.1 Specification. This product ensures stable high-speed transmission characteristics and quality. It reduces crosstalk by optimizing the position of each channel’s terminals and improves impedance characteristics with molded-in contacts. In addition, the original shell tip design enhances the strength of the cable when it is connected, providing sufficient robustness.

What's New

"AC01 Series" 2.5mm and 3.0mm Stacking Height Connector

JAE has launched the AC01 Series connectors for the industrial equipment market. The AC01 Series board-to-board connectors available in 2.5mm and 3.0mm stacking heights is offered in a wide range of pin counts varying from 50 to 100 positons and has a structure with excellent contact reliability and stability that has been proven over decades of use.

What's New

"MX50 / 53 Series" New Variation Added to the Automotive HDMI Connector

JAE has added improved operability and design flexibility to the MX50 / 53 Series automotive HDMI Type E and Type A connectors. Recently, many people are enjoying high-quality audio and video inside cars by connecting their portable devices and entertainment equipment using HDMI. Therefore, connectors to meet the HDMI standards, which are also compatible with automotive vehicle-mounted specifications, are required. In addition, new vehicles have a more complex internal structure and HDMI connectors are being used with various attachment methods.

What's New

"JAE Sponsoring" July 16 Ohtani Bobblehead Giveaway

Tokyo – Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd. (JAE), announced today that its US subsidiary JAE Electronics, Inc. (JAE US), will sponsor the Ohtani Bobblehead giveaway on July 16th at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. JAE US, the North American Headquarters, is located in Irvine, California. As part of the sponsorship agreement, the first 30,000 fans in attendance on July 16th, 2019 will receive a free Ohtani Bobblehead featuring the JAE Logo.

What's New

"DX07 Series" 22 Position USB Type-C Plug Connector

JAE has released a new 22 position plug connector for cable harness applications. The transmission characteristics of this product have been improved by removing two of the center terminals (pin B6 and B7) for standard USB cable assemblies and accessories which do not use these two terminals. In addition, a cut-out area on both sides of the shell ensures improved retention to the paddle card used in cable harnesses.

What's New

"MX66 Series" Waterproof FAKRA Compatible Coaxial Connector

JAE has developed the industry’s smallest-in-class waterproof coaxial connector compatible with the standard FAKRA interface, the MX66 Series, for use in applications such as ADAS and connected cars. This product supports high-frequency transmission up to 3GHz (depending on implementation) and is available in different keying options conforming to the FAKRA standard.

What's New

"MX67A Series" High Pin Count Automotive Connectors for Airbag ECUs

JAE has developed the MX67A Series, high pin count and miniaturized connector for automotive airbag ECUs. In order to improve automotive safety, there has been importance placed on the introduction of safety features to protect not only the passengers and pedestrians, but also the complete running vehicles. To comply with this trend, airbags are being installed in various areas of vehicles such as on the side, the rear seats, and more.

What's New

"BNC0 Series" Straight Receptacle 12G-SDI Compatible

JAE has developed a straight receptacle to add to the variation of the BNC0 Series line-up. The BNC0 Series is a coaxial connector with superior mounting feature and high-frequency performance, compatible with 12G-SDI (SMPTE ST-2082 1), which is ideal for 4K uncompressed transmission. It will cater to a wide range of applications along with our existing right angle receptacles.

What's New

"MX79A Series" In-vehicle ICT Device Connector

JAE has developed the miniaturized MX79A Series connectors for high-speed transmission between in-vehicle information and communication technology (ICT) units such as camera ECU. The MX79A Series is ideal for use in combination with our automotive camera connector MX55J Series, with the MX79A Series supporting the ECU side connections. It achieves a 30% reduction of mounting space compared to our MX49A Series.

What's New

"MX55J Series" In-vehicle Digital Camera Connector

JAE has developed the MX55J Series high-speed transmission connectors for in-vehicle digital camera systems to support new technologies such as ADAS and autonomous driving. The MX55J Series is compatible with 1.5Gbps class video signal (LVDS) differential transmission and the rear case camera connector has been minimized to the standard in-vehicle camera size 23mm x 23mm.